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Itasca Films are a Television production company, producing and developing scripts for commissioning, script to delivery to all the major UK broadcasters.

Television production - Experienced Producers

Itasca Films has been involved in Television production since 2001.

In our early days we worked more as a service provider of crew, locations and equipment, but of late we have moved onto producing and developing our own scripts for commissioning and then into full production from script to delivery to all the major UK broadcasters.

Itasca films television production services have been honed over the last 12 years into commercial production with cutting edge digital skill base to provide our clients with the very best video and film production services available.


As well as producing work in our own right, we also provide a first class production service to other production companies advertising agencies in the UK and around the world.

Our UK and international clients are able to take advantage of our vast locations database and extras and casting agency via their web sites:

As a leading television production company we are continually innovating and improving our services to our clients and with such a talented and experienced crew with understanding in commercial production and budgets Itasca Films is able to deliver an unrivaled value for money service.

So if you're looking for a top end production company that has been there and done it, solved it, AND PRODUCED IT -  

Call Itasca Films 0102 494 0888.


In-House Post Production Facilities

The ubiquity of Apple's final cut pro has made it possible for most production companies to now have their own in house editing facilities.

Itasca Films not only has this facility, but has gone that extra step and teamed up with Quantel, and taken on one of their market leading editing desks 'Pablo' for full online editing in HD 2K 4K and Stereo 3D grading and finishing facilities.

Along with our Sony and Red cameras we are able to cover any filming and editing requirements in any format.

Commercials and Music Video

Commercials and Music Videos are a mainstay of Itasca films business.

Malcolm Walker, CEO of Itasca films, has been involved in commercials since 1979 and in 2010 ITV produced a programme of the top 100 commercials over the last 3 decades. Malcolm and another member of the Itasca team worked on the top 10 commercials, including the winning commercial of the last 30 years. ("Cadbury's got Smash")

Commercials and Music Videos
So if you are lookin g for a current company with experience and a track record in commercials, look no further than Itasca Films.

Under our commercials banner Itasca films has been producing commercial videos, music promos, and corporate videos and our creative team covers all aspects of production, direction and post production.

We strive to create an innovative visual experience that delivers core content of our client's unique brand in getting their message out to their targeted audience.

Over the last 8 years Itasca has worked in close partnership with several companies and in this time close working relationships have been formed. In such a competitive world Itasca is keen to maintain these relationships and prides itself in having such working partnerships.

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