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Feature Films.

Itasca Films is a UK Independent Feature Films Production company with it's in-house script development and has been working at the forefront of the UK film industry since 2001.


As a leading film production company, Itasca has both BAFTA and SUMMIT award winning directors.

With our strong production team, from writers to editors the entire film process is kept in house and production cost and budgets are kept to a minimum.


In-house Feature Films Production

Itasca films is proud to be able produce top quality films at a low budget price resulting in a shorter fundraising period and a fast return to our investors.

Itasca films is proud to be making top quality British films and employing the UK's top production crew's and artists.

Feature Films Production Services
Come and speak to us if you need help or advice on any of the following:-
Feature Films Investment Services
In addition to high quality commercially profitable Feature Films Production, Itasca Films has extensive experience in the Film Investment process, notably with EIS and SEIS applications to HMRC and preparation of Information Memorandums detailing the product and Investment offer to investors.
Feature Films Bond Insurance for Films under £1Mn
Itasca Films can now arrange for film budgeted at under £1Million to get Film Bond Insurance. Banks required Bond Insurance before they will cash flow your Film Tax Relief.
Post Production VFX and Animation Services
Itasca filsm has teamed up with the legendary VFX artist and supervisor Phil Attfield, to offer VFX and animation post production services. Phil has worked on The King’s Speech, Run, Fatboy, Run, Elizabeth, Relative Values, The Importance of Being Earnest, and Piccadilly Jim among other films and Da Vinci’s Demons, Stranded, The Infinite worlds of H.G.Wells, Trial and Retribution, Henry VIII and Hornblower II “Mutiny”, for which in 2001 he received an Emmy nomination, and in 2002 a BAFTA nomination, for his role as VFX Supervisor.
Camera and Drone equipment Hire services
Itasca film now has an array of top quality Camera and Drone equipment for hire.

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