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Co-Production & Support Services.

Filmmaker Support Services - be smart. Don't re-invent, re-use. it's tough enough as it is! Re-use proven Filmmaker support services and share the success, skills and experience built up over many years. Save yourself time, effort and confusion.

Filmmaker Support Services - Learned the hard way

Itasca Films are passing on our knowledge and experience. Filmmakers are not accountants or lawyers. Filmmakers make great films. We are offering a number of Film support services to help with that task.

Some are early stage funding services; others are production stage; while some are post production stage. All the services are essential to great film making at minimal cost, effort while being top quality and vast experience. Itasca Films is hands on with every service offered and uses these same services itself in the making of their own films and TV projects.

Been there, seen it, done it, got the t-shirt. At Itasca Films we have been through the mill with all of these filmmaker support services. We've been up the blind alleys and down the dead end passages. Itasca Films can save you a lot of time and effort.  Itasca Films has good relations with lawyers and accountants who are happy with backing Itasca templates to provide that professional cover that makes investors take notice. We have never failed an HMRC EIS or SEIS application.

Itasca Films are Filmmakers, like you. But we've have been through the Legal and Accounting process and can now speak and can translate concepts and situations in Filmmaker language, terminology and a context you understand

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